Personal training

Our one-on-one personal fitness training is perfect for those who wish to train alone and receive their trainer’s absolute focus and attention. Before you begin your new exercise regime, an initial consultation is set-up between you and your personal trainer, to identify YOUR goals and establish a program that will enable you to reach the results YOU are after.

Group Training

With the group personal training you will train under supervision of the trainer. The big difference with BodyProject is that every athlete will have his/her dedicated program and intensity. The big advantages: social, push each other and affordable for everyone!

Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training is dedicated to providing state of the art performance enhancement training to athletes of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to help an athlete to reach his / her athletic potential, in a step by step, challenging and fun way and to have each athlete build a positive feeling about themselves.


Athletes: I call every person who does sports an athlete. It doesn’t matter if you are world class, beginner, advanced, go for medal, do your first 5k race…. and I do it for a good reason: It motivates to be part of a group who wants to perform at their best.

Individual approach: I acknowledge that each athlete has different overall goals, medical history and level of skill development. The programs are designed to provide high level instruction to each individual athlete.

Educating athletes: Performance enhancement is an on-going process. I strive to teach “athletes” not only what to do , but also WHY they are doing it.

On-site training: BodyProject makes becoming your best easy! We will come to your location to conduct training sessions. Locations include gym, park, home or another agreed upon location

Thanks to this approach, not only world class athletes will perform better, but also “normal” athletes, will be able to perform at their best, feel better, loose weight, prepare for their first ever event,…

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